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The Drainwave was conceived to enable the next generation of water saving plumbing fixtures. Designed for optimum performance and developed through extensive testing the Drainwave temporarily stores wastewater. When the optimum volume is reached the Drainwave, through its unique discharge action,releases and sends through the drains an increased “flush volume”. The Drainwave’s unique design introducesa “double wave” into the flush improving the water’s ability transport waste matter and keeping the drains clean.The Drainwave is easy to install, has only one moving part and requires no energy from an external source.
The Drainwave is an approved plumbing product in many countries including Australia and New Zealand.

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Conserving water is a key requirement for the future.
Drainwave is a simple and reliable product that can help your building achieve this goal. It enables the most efficient toilets, showers, washing machines and dishwashers by helping them do their job.
Drainwave optimises wastewater flows in your building’s plumbing system giving you the peace of mind that your good intentions do not result in blockages in the drainage system.
In real terms Drainwave does three things for your building:
1. If you want an Australian regulatory approved toilet that looks like every other, works the same, but only uses 2.2 litres (0.58 US GAL) of water then contact us via our form.
2. if you have a septic tank and absorption bed then it is an Australian regulatory requirement under AS/NZS 1547:2012 Clause for the effluent to be uniformly distributed over the design area to help achieve effective aerobic/anaerobic decomposition. Drainwave can do this without power in a reliable cost-effective way.
3. If your building aims to achieve maximum water savings using the best water fixtures available, install a Drainwave to prevent blockages from the resultant “dry drains” syndrome.

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The answer is simple Toilets account for 30 percent of all clean water used in a building.

This is too much!

The flush water is partly used to keep the toilet bowl clean, but more critically, the majority of the flush is to prevent blockages in the drains after the waste passes from the toilet.

Toilets now use less and less water and pipe drainage blockages are becoming more and more common.
Historically toilets used large amounts of water and blockages were rare. We said, “Why not temporarily retain some waste water and release it in batches”.
So Drainwave was born.

By doing this we introduce a new flushing process to the drain pipes meaning even better and more water-efficient toilets, taps, showers and fixtures can be used.

Simple as that.

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